Our Partners and Broad River Boost Member Offers

Broad River is thrilled to be partnering with businesses in our community to bring a variety of discounts and offers to our Broad River Boost members.  We think there is something here for everyone. 


Even if you choose not to become a Broad River Boost member at this time – we encourage you to get to know our business partners.  They are all dedicated to and engaged with our local communities in meaningful, impactful ways.  Broad River is proud to be partnering with them.

Exceptional, hand-crafted beaded jewelry made with the finest quality gold-filled, sterling silver or gemstone beads and charms. Unique bracelets, necklaces, pendants, chokers, designed for women, men and teens by Pam Moskowitz. Easy to wear, easy to combine, easy to give — and easy to love!

100 Percent Beads
Pam Moskowitz

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Broad River Boost Offer:

100% Beads offers a 20% discount to be used for all online purchases.

– Please use the code BroadRiver20 for 20% all website sales.

BrandTwist offers one-on-one Brand Coaching and a live online Brand School that helps entrepreneurs define and deliver a stronger TWIST. The TWIST is your unique point of difference that will help you stand out in crowded markets, connect with your most valuable customers, and build a stronger, more profitable business.

Broad River Boost Offer:

25% off Branding Sessions to Broad River Members including the following: Brand Booster, Personal Branding, and Brand School 8-week Live Online class. In addition, participation in a session includes a FREE copy of either her best-selling books on small business or personal branding with a TWIST.

– Up to $560 in savings depending on program

Dancing Turtles Wellness helps busy women stay sane. We offer sound healing meditation and massage therapy to calm your mind and relax your body. You can work with us in person as well as online.

Dancing Turtles Wellness
Karin Elias

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Broad River Boost Offer:

When we experience stress our minds and our bodies contract. Sound healing meditation is a way to relax our whole being. The world looks less challenging when we are in tune with ourselves.

– A free download of my signature sound bath and a $20 discount on the first 60 minute massage treatment.

Don Creative Group is a boutique agency meaning our services are personal: developed with you and your needs in mind. We work closely with you to create and develop your brand. We are committed to providing high-quality service.

Broad River Boost Offer:

Our design team will construct a site with eye-catching designs that functions seamlessly. Keeping the customer in mind, the website will work flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices to maximize engagement and conversion.

– 10% Off a New WordPress Website

HonorYourStyle is a personal image consulting agency focused on bodycentric styling, teaching women to embrace their shape no matter their size and love the skin they’re in. Kendra Charisse Porter is an award-winning image consultant and wardrobe stylist. She has been featured by Yahoo!, Essence, CNN, Marie Claire, SHAPE, and Black Enterprise to name a few. Our Motto: Honor Your Style. HONOR YOU!

Broad River Boost Offer:

Receive personalized tips for honing your style. Upload key items from your own closet to a virtual wardrobe and learn how to maximize what you already have and get suggestions for ways to update your wardrobe.

– $500 This offer only available through Broad River link.

I represent businesses, the entertainment industry, individuals, creators, entrepreneurial ventures, and both for-profit and not-for-profit entities. I have extensive experience with contracts, licensing, digital issues, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Intellectual Property, and all aspects of running a business. I optimize legal and business affairs for individuals, startups, and businesses of all sizes.

Law Office of Elissa D. Hecker
Elissa D. Hecker

Broad River Boost Offer:

I offer a free consultation and 20% discount off my hourly rate.

– Free consultation, 20% off hourly rate

Laurie partners with career explorers, small business founders and organization leaders to navigate change and disruption when the path forward is unclear. Coaching engagements focus on building effective action plans that reflect mission and values while identifying and working through roadblocks that may get in the way.  Through her practice, LHS Coaching, Laurie takes a collaborative approach to empowering individuals through 1:1 services, Mastermind groups and interactive workshops.  

LHS Coaching
Laurie Hirsch Schulz

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Broad River Boost Offer:

Exploring new opportunities, obstacles and change can be challenging on your own. Collaborative coaching will help provide clarity and open-up new ideas that may not be so obvious on your own. Book a 30-minute express coaching session with Laurie to address a focused topic you are grappling with and experience the impact of collaborative coaching. (new clients only)

– 30-Minute Express Coaching Session, a $100 Value

Rivertowns Moms is a hyper-local resource with the simple goal of giving moms (and all parents) in the Rivertowns the gift of time. Through online content, social media engagement, monthly newsletters, event calendars and time-saving guides, we provide local resources and community connections for Rivertowns families. Rivertowns Moms is part of the Local Moms Network, a national organization that is 100% women owned and run.

Rivertowns Moms
Marci Allen

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Broad River Boost Offer:

Receive 15% off of their first advertising purchase with Rivertowns Moms.

– 15% off your 1st Ad Purchase

Our established learning processes enable your children to take ownership of their academic experience through habit-forming, goal-oriented work. This in turn empowers them to unleash their academic potential & increase test scores, grades, motivation, and confidence.

SMART TEST PREP & Transformative Learning
Jeannette Gerber
– jgerber@SmartTestPrep.com
– SmartTestPrep.com

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Broad River Boost Offer:

After an initial complimentary consultation, we start the tutoring process with a 3-step Diagnostic Assessment. We extend Broad River members a 20% discount on this assessment.

– 20% off the Diagnostic Assessment

The Shames JCC is a non-sectarian community center, providing experiences for individuals and families throughout their lives.

The Harold & Elaine Shames JCC on the Hudson
– 914-366-7898 ext.1104
– info@shamesjcc.org
– shamesjcc.org

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Broad River Boost Offer:

The Shames JCC is pleased to waive its initiation fee for Broad River’s paid members who join the JCC between Oct. 1, 2021 and Aug. 31, 2022.

– Waive initiation fee of up to $100